Hi Friends,  Let me talk about a little bit from this blog...and myself... I'm Toretto (for friends) A.K.A. Digital Fla...

Hi Friends, 

Let me talk about a little bit from this blog...and myself...

I'm Toretto (for friends) A.K.A. Digital Flashback, an openminded freelancer music composer and producer, the CEO and founder of Digital Flashback Beats. I create hip hop, electronic and cinematic instrumentals / beats / compositions, primary. I like very much composing film music, film scoring as a hobby, creating commercial music for media, producing and selling hip-hop beats for rappers, singers or anykind of artists and I work a lot on my own debut album with some really talented singers, and I think this album will contains very enjoyable tracks for everyone who love music :). Also I working on a live performance show with our tracks and we would like to travel around the world with these formation once.

So, what type of music you will hear from me in this blog? Let see a quick list 

The first main genre is Hip-Hop & Rap including underground, dirty-south, east-coast, west-coast, g-funk, gangsta rap, trap, old-school, new-school, orchestral, cinematic, experimental and much more.

The second main genre is the Electronica. The electronic music styles I like is e.g. trip-hop, downtempo, chill-hop, chillout, glitch-hop, ambient, cinematic and experimental of course :)

Also you will hear some orchestral, electronic, and electro-acoustic filmic / cinematic compositions sometimes with calssical atmosphere sometimes with a modern, electronic atmosphere or a good blend of this moods. These compositions is tipically good to use as background music for media professionals, advertisers, vloggers, TV-film, video games or simply just for personal listening enjoyment.

I posted here some of my works in separeted genres, so you can check what I talked about. 

Click on play and Enjoy!

Ambient / Downtempo

Film Score

Hip Hop Beat

I hope you enjoyed it! 

Feel free to leave a comment or send any feedback to help my work, and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay-tuned!

Thanks for your time, 
See you soon in my next post!


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